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Absolute Identity Crisis

$327,731 Price
New York Times best-selling novelist Brad Meltzer (The Inner Circle, The Book of Fate) unleashed a murder mystery featuring some of the biggest pop ic

Absolute Luthor/Joker

$378,151 Price
Eisner Award-winner Brian Azzarello, writer of 100 BULLETS, WONDER WOMAN, and the BEFORE WATCHMEN series RORSCHACH and COMEDIAN, joins forces with art

Absolute Superman: For...

$327,731 Price
The complete 12-part saga from SUPERMAN #'s 204-215 written by Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS) with sensational art by comics' hottest artist Jim Lee (B

All Star Western Vol. 3:...

$46,134 Price

When the workers and patrons of Haley's Circus sample Dr. McKee's Cure All, they begin a painful transformation into psychotic killers and it is up to

Amazingly Stupid Mad

$33,529 Price
Love MAD on Cartoon Network? You'll love this new MAD collection - no television needed! See why ha